Monday, August 30, 2010

2010, Movie of the Year

and the award goes to....

STEP UP 3(D)! 

yeah. seriously freakin and fuckin awesome man! 
especially when you watch it in 3D and front seater. i mean the 1st row seats.
you can feel the heat man. 
sampai boleh bersorak dalam cinema tu best punye pasal.
love the robotic dance part the most. you rock madd chadd!

and moose also.
go and watch man! seriously recommended.
try and watch then you will die for it.

enjoy it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

new vocab

aksi terjadi di stesen ktm serdang 11.20pm, tempat menunggu bus. ok setelah meletakkan my ass ni ke bangku, 2orang ladies datang. one is an indian another is a malay. so the indian open a magazine (an engslih one la) to read. 1st page, head of the article,

the indian : bla, bla, bla 'famalial ties'. (aku dengar jek die bace sambil jenguk2 mata ni. biase lahh). 

the indian tu : familial? huh?

the malay : familial

the indian : aku tak pernah dengar or tak pernah bace pun ade perkataan familial ni.

the malay : aku punnn...

the indian : hesh tu la they(the author) always write something with grammatical error. i'm gonna find in my dictionary if there have this kind of word

the malay : jap aku check. (mengeluarkan blackberry nye dengan aplikasi dictionary, key in the word, result : 'no data') 

well in my mind that 'familial' is something to do with 'family things'.. memang la kau punye dictionary dalam blackberry tu tak semua word ade. cube kau search 'noob' or 'nigger' ade tak dalam dictionary kau tu. tak kann.. tak semua dictionary ade semua words. tapi word-word tu memang ade maksud k.(bebicara dalam hati)

the malay : aku tak pernah dengar pun perkataan ni . 'familiar' penah lah dengar, 'familial' ni tak pernah. 'unfamiliar' betul.

the indian : bla bla bla..(bebel sal orang yang selalu salah grammar ni) 

macam tak pernah dengar. cara sebutan word tu pun dah leh agak. (hatiku berbicara)

aku pun tengok jek magazine tu then pandang indian tu. then indian tu pun pandang aku and starts talking with me.

the indian : no la it is not something. nowadays in the magazines have grammatical error even in the newspaper also. dorang memang selalu buat mistakes.

aku : well 'familial' is something about family things la (tak reti nak terang kan tergagap so macam tak diterima jawapan aku tu. aku pun tak pasti jawapan aku tu.)

the  indian : bla bla bla...(bercoleteh lagi)

aku : maybe it's like kind of expression. macam nak kiasan. ( masih xpasti jawapan aku) 

the indian : nowadays arr, they all like to create a new word like 'bootylicious' just because of beyoncĂ© said that word and then suddenly get into the oxford dictionary. botylicious

aku : ..... (diam. malas nak argue.)

the malay : tu la. kalau aku nak guk cipta a new  word boleh tak?

th indian : kau pun sama.. bla bla bla..

the malays: bla bla bla...and so on..

aku dah tak masuk campur dah.

ok then balik rumah ape lah lagi aku pun search kat dictionary lappy aku ni tuk kepastian yang 'FAMILIAL' tu ade maksudnye. bukan dorang suke-suke letak macam american yang suke tambah word. lagipun nak di publishkan kan. tak kan boleh tulis suke-suke hati. nanti confirm la kene macam-macam.. so this is the meaning of the word


  • relating to or occurring in a family or its members:the familial Christmas dinner

    *i was right! so moralnya jangan lah pikir kau jek betul then salahkan orang pulak salah tulis la apela..  '-.-

Thursday, August 26, 2010


memang tak nak post entry ni tapi memang terpakse sangat sebab memang xboleh nak luah kan kat mane-mane. so post guk.

ok just for you, kau bodoh! kata-kata kau semua dusta bodoss. oh memang seriously shit la. dah lama aku simpan. kau boleh manipulasi orang lain in fact maybe kau tipu semua orang lain and kau memang manusia yang xpijak kat bumi yang nyata. kau bitch and also a whore. kau macam dajal tau tak. kau hasut semua orang dengan kata-kata and cerita-cerita manis kau tu untuk menampakkan kau sangat suci tapi kau taik. kau bicara dengan mulut yang berbunga cantik tapi nafas kau bau bangkai and cerita tipu kau tu busuk macam longkang penuh dengan bangkai babi. yeah itu memang perangai sebenar kau. kau tak sedar diri dan kau sangat. ish serious la kau dusta! kau perangai terok macam mak orang yang main dengan anak die sendiri. oh yes aku suke perumpamaan tu. aku tak tau ape motif kau and aku tak tau ape niat kau untuk membuat-buat cerita supaya kau nampak sangat baik depan orang dan macam kau saje nak mintak simpati dengan orang.

well just for you, oh ini memang seriously the last untuk aku aa nak percaya cerita sial babi bajet baik kau tu dan memang seriously la kali terakhir aku pernah ade ape-ape hubungan dengan kau. oh memang totally damn right you are WHORE and BITCH, PELACUR bodoh bodoss bantak!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

oh friend

Dear Friend,

   We are friends, we are best friends. but though we are best friends, friend please know the border line. you know i've feelings and i know you have too. but friend it hurts me more. so please friend keep our friendship. don't break my heart...

your best friend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

oh it just the best way to do in the class
just feel so good
sleeping in the class and it feels like you are the only one in the room.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cute Cursor

here i have something that very interesting that you might want to try it. it's about customizes your cursor. i've found a website that can customizes your cursor into a very cute one. released by obsidian.

you can download this file here. download here
i give you tutorial also.

1st. after you have downloaded the file. you need to extract the file.
2nd. you open the file folder you've extracted

3rd. you copy all the cursor in the folder and paste it in the windows cursor folder. My Computer->Local Disk(c)->Windows->Cursors.
4th. go to the control panel and search for mouse

5th. click change mouse setting, then select pointers, click normal then click browse

6th. find the cursor set in the folder you save just now.
7th. then repeat step 5 to change all the cursor.

 Help Select, Working in Background, Busy, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable,Vertical Resize, Horizontal Resize, Diagonal Resize 1, Diagonal Resize 2, Move, Alternate Select, Link kemudian klik apply dan ok.


now you have the coolest cursor. enjoy it~ i've try it. :D

oh forget to tell that this can be use by windows XP, VISTA and 7 also. so feels free to try it.


what's the different between us and journalists ?

well 1st of all journalists would never judge people with the 1st sight.
they'll never give a 1st impression about others before hearing their stories 1st.
such as when we hear a story that is crap and not logical, we will grin and of course then we will think this 'guy' is a ridiculous and have mental illness. 
but journalists is different. they will 1st interview the 'guy', hear the story will full attention though it's craps, write it then they will give a conclusion to the story and give opinions. 
so can we be like a journalist? listen first before jump to the conclusion and judge people.
don't judge a book by it's cover huh? 
clichésbut still no effect on us.

"la tuplic, ana sahafi"
"don't shoot, i'm a reporter"

this is when boring

tahap maximum boring ni.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

16 hours spent..

So where the hell last 16 hours i spent ?

PUTRAJAYA hell ya!
yesterday from 5pm to 9am this morning. 
urgh an advice for you all
don't ever overnight at putrajaya
especially on Ramadhan month. 

photos will be upload later.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

it happens again

now it is seriously shit!
it happens again. 
seriously tak tau ape reason to go on.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

au revoir~

Au revoir to my beloved english lencturer that had left us because of pursuing her studies in PHD. 

well, her name is zuraidah and we call her Pn. zue. to describe her physically urmmm.. she's looks like an ordinary woman with a big rounded eyes. nothing much you can see physically on her. well inside within her body and cute lecturer she has a very big personality. i mean very BIG BIG BIG and prominent personality. you know what i mean.. she's the kind of person that like to extrude her talk, speech and expression. 

she's very sporting lecturer i've ever had. pn.zue really understands the youth feelings and the way of  youth. so, everything what we're doing she'll understand and respond accordingly. basically she's the second best teacher/lecturer beside my english lecturer miss ross back in matriculation where also my jazz chant's advisor. 

what i like about pn.zue is when she's talking infront of us ( i mean teaching), it's like she's ready to debate. the intonation of her speech, the body language, the eye that always become big or small ( haha very funny) and the slang of america she have. when pn.zue starts talking i can know that she will win the international debate competition. that's how i can say about the way she's teaching us. the class become so lively, the student always laughing and enjoying the class.. but when she's serious( it seldom to happen) so the class also serious la. pn. zue also likes to use bombastic vocab. i learn a new word everyday with her. 

but unfortunately on last tuesday we had our listening test, after that pn.zue is like keep on calling one guy to get into our class. we dont suspect anything. so when the time she speaks to us( teragak2) i know that she will be leaving us with a new lecturer.. sigh.. what a waste. we are so close that we had a great time. now her department wants to cut her one class( that's our class) to give her space for doing her studies. dari happy2 kelas terus takde mood da class. well the other lecturer manage to come to our class to introduce himself. yeah the lecturer is a guy. where we all can see that he's like muke ketat and xcakap banyak macam pn.zue. then one guy from my class whispering ( well accidental the voice becomes loud) "i'll never come to your class after this" !!!! gile bapak jujur! haha.. we all laughing. pn.zue heard that and she's laughing also. well the new lecturer just smiling while take a phone number.. pn.zue gave us a goodbye speech. she likes to give us chocolates! but now it is ramadhan. she's very thankful that it is ramadhan. haha.. nevermine la we accept jek la. we let go our beloved pn. zue and thank her for everything. oh! not to forget, pn. zue has an incredibly academic blog where she said that is our virtual class to attend. cool huh? check it out! will miss so much this blog after this. sigh.. speakup-avenue  

PN. ZUE good luck with your studies! we all love you. especially ME! hehe. AU REVOIR ..

Monday, August 16, 2010


Sabar A'an..
2 bulan jek lagi. 
sabar la banyak2 eh. 
then kau boleh keluar la!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


adoi..searching this blog for like a year but still haven't found it. i googled it so many times. i couldn't remember the address. it is like damn! why can't i find this blog?. well actually this blog really inspired me and taught me a lot. before this, erm like a year ago i used to read this blog in my sis's lappy (so thats is how i lost the address, my sis format her lappy. haish) like everyday i read it, scrolled down try to learn something because this blog has  lots of information and also fun experience of the writer in the local or overseas. but  what i like the most of this blog is that, it has AMAZING pictures captured by the writer. the writer has a DSLR and most of the pictures captured with superb technic! so i was amuse every time i see it. it is like i wanna scroll more and more to see more pictures. besides, the writer also travel a lot and i can see the writer is an 1malaysia citizen. from ethnic, food, stuffs, city and etc la. i can see malaysia in here. 

meanwhile i'm searching the blog, i googled whatever name i can remember, later i found this 1 blog that very interesting and amazed me. this blog is from america. this blog is like a family blog where a MOM spent most of her time playing with her children and have AMAZING pictures also. i'm kinda a person that can easily attracted with some scenic pictures. hehe. other than that, this mom has a daughter where she adopt several years ago from china. a very cute little daughter. it is appeal me where this family can accept another races in their family. isn't this family is lovable? haha. (i wish my family were like that. haha) i can see this daughter really having a great time evrytime she is with her brothers and her parents. they like a very happy family. here click this 3 Peanuts and see it. maybe we can learn something about them. hmmm..

as for now, i found the blog i'm searching for! hoho. fuhh! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

so how was your 1st day of berbuka?

ni dah masuk 2 hari dah aku berpuasa and ni pun dah nak berbuka. pergh gile lapar la bile aku tengok gmbar semalam time buka puasa dengan chanters. yeah so how was your 1st day of berbuka huh? mine was great! kenyang dan gumbira. ramadhan tahun ni harap2 dapat bermula dengan baik dan berakhir dengan baik2 belaka la ye. 

oh miss u guys..

mane-mane jek la nak buke.

book dulu TGI friday's! yeah

sementara tu tengok wayang dulu..

the gays

the lesbos

yeah im hungry man!

oh god! xtau nak makan pe?

sahaja aku berbuke...

dak manje.

this is because of starving


this is gay

berbuke di vegas!

our best waitress.

dah habis makan semua, clubbing la.. haha

and the moment i miss the most is


back then in matriculation

i miss when we rehearsal our jazz chant.we laugh and argue. when we have our jamuan with threesome. when we have our trip to pengkalan balak with threesome. THREESOME WILL BE REMEMBER FOREVER. although xsemua ade just a few but this is the 1st time we gathered back after matric. so miss you guys.

i hope we will meet again maybe this raya! and for juwe semoga kau selamat terbang ke mesir tu. belajar betul2 kt Al-Azhar tu. balik nanti bawak la awek syarifah eh. haha. semoga dapat jadi dentist yg berjaya and hope ko xlupekan kitorang. threesome terbaikk ye.