Sunday, January 16, 2011

no, it's not

it is hard when once you have an empty heart and empty soul then you want to regain it.
it is not an easy way to fill it again with some precious things like you fill your stomach with a bunch of foods.
so it takes time. you need rehabilitation until you are strong enough to endure all the pain again.
 so please understand me. this ain't things you can snap your fingers then poooh!  

that is not the real life we live within.

*stay with me, i'll try to be strong. 

i wish i can say it

i just wanna say i love you
i just wanna say i love you
i just wanna say i love you
i just wanna say i love you~~

*ni lagu syasya and nenek slalu nyanyi. bodoh, tapi best

Sunday, January 2, 2011


everyone has their own ways to mature. as long as they make a mistake and learn from it, they'll consider as a matured person. so just let them make mistakes in their own ways.  whose to judge? so fucked up people that condemn immature and think they are so mature on everything they do. we learn from the past. as if you are so perfect from the day you're born. 

they are just going through the adolescent stage. a person trying to find their own identity.

*relax-relax sudah....