Friday, October 30, 2009

am i???

am i able to see through the truth behind all tis craps?
can i see the true atmosphere tat can give me oxygen to breath
or all i can see is just bulls**t tat always play games wit me
and always pretending with tat innocent faces tat i knw before it shows the true dark colour?

well times by times..
juz wait and be patient to find the inner core of the heart..
tat shows how much diamonds precious to all womans..
tat goes same wit the trust tat is very valuable to each of person
dun give any credence tat's not even true..


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


so i think everyone knows this is avocado fruit
although people said this fruit has delectable flavour but for me it smells stink!. urgh like i can eat tat fruit..tat can't go trough my throat
no i wonder who likes to eat tat fruit?? hmmm...
tis is the inner part of the fruit..kinda unic wit tat very big and rounded chocolate seed.
well it is just nice to see, but to eat "yyyaaaccckkksss"..haha
but actually this fruit it's healthful diet u know n brings lot of health benefits such as,

-may helps maintain healthy eyes

-its contribute about 2o vitamins, mineral and beneficial plant compound tat good in nutrient diet
-maintain healthy cholesterol level
-prevention of heart disease
-well for all tat wanna lose their weight,this fruit also can maintain our weight or loss it..

well the beneficial are tones more..

for more visits-

as i said just now tat is no way i can eat tat fruit just like tat..
so for me to eat tat fruit is we are doing it my way or i can say 'my uncle way' hehe..

1st step- take about 4 avocado fruits
2nd step-wash it n cut it into half,dun cut the seed because it unic.haha
3rd step-take out the seed n by spoon you 'dig' out the contain of fruit
4th step-put in blender with some milo and some water(just put in how much u like the milo)
5th step-blend it together and wahhlaa! done!

ha! and dun forget when u put in glass put also some much better when it's cold.make it thick also 'concentrated' but not to thick just the way u like la..

*my uncle secret recipe.

*for better choose avocado tat is round n small(not to small) and don't choose in oval shaped because my uncle said if the fruit is in oval shape,the seed is bigger n the taste of the fruit will less testier n juicy n also lesser contain..
and some info for u 'the price in acheh(Indonesia) is so much cheaper than in Malaysia tat i bought at giant' my uncle said la..haha =.=
by this now i can eat avocado or i can say i can drink it and feels the nutrient of avocado..hehehe..
enjoy it! n u will have moustache *not practically real* cute! haha

Monday, October 26, 2009

today news..

woke up very early in the morning at 2pm! (is it really morning n early?)
well actually i slept at 6am so i woke up late lol.
hmmm...very boring..
it has been 2days im not going out..
just sitting at home doing nothing than tidy up my house,on9,eat,watching TV and some more
tat i can do at home..
tats all my routine if im at home..
as people said 'home sweet home!'

Thursday, October 22, 2009



perlu ke korg nk buat bende yg same mcm ape yg lelaki buat?
perlu ke korg menyakiti hati lelaki?
perlu ke korg permain2kn ati lelaki?
perlu ke korg aggap laki cm mainan n sampah jek?
perlu ke korg nie kecewakn lelaki dgn senang nye?
perlu ke korg wat janji2 n bg harapan dkat lelaki yg amat manis then mungkiri?
perlu ke korg bajet korg bagus sgt n cun n ayu n lemah lembut n watever la..?


korg sering mnyalahkn lelaki sbb selalu..
mempermainkn pearasaan..
main kayu tiga..
janji palsu..

tapi hakikatnye..perempuan skang same jek dgn lelaki!
walhal mungkin lg terok dr lelaki...lg advance la org kate..
itu la prempuan zaman sekarang..
kenapa la perempuan korg jadi mcm nie..
korg sepatutnye mnjaga maruah diri&keperibadian diri sndiri..
bukan mnunjukkan kelemahan sndri..


walaupun telah d beri sepenuh..
kasih syg..
semua ckup la..
tp ape yg korg smua xpuas ati lagi dgn lelaki?


korg fikir la sendiri ape yg telah korg buat n lakukn..
ape yg korg telah jadi pd zaman sekarang..
as perempuan, korg xsepatutnye pijak lelaki..
cube la belajar menhargai org n sedar la....

*utk perempuan yg trase sahaje..*(not general)

p/s: to my fren..just move..jgn trlalu mgharap sgt prempuan...lupekn ape yg da trjadi..
let by gone be by gone.....


as usual....

hari nie aku bgn awal la guk..kul 8pg..sbnarnye da bgn 6.30 then tdo blk...
bgn2 jek tros capai laptop n tros on9..
on9 until 12.30 tgh ari,suddenly my mom call n ask me to go bath n get ready utk hantar die to lunch at hotel..after tat went to school to fetch my sis, but she went to her fren's house
then i go back(actually my mom asked me to go to take resit for the bill i paid ysterday)
then i cntinue on9..lunch
about 4 o'clock ajak daniel kuar..
then g a pjabat pos amik resit balik..then g lalu dpn skola jmpe dayah..
borak2 la kejap..
then call chepah ajk die kuar..
after tat call syhada lak ajak die kuar..
haha..sgt menarik..
g kluang mall tgk2 keadaan jap..bpe byk da brubah bnda kluang nie stlah lame xmelawatnye..
then agk da bosan..g la gelas besar..minum2..out of blue zaqir tbe2 call..die kt nasi lemak world(sbelah kdai jek) huuu..
then jmpe die..
then kul7 blk la..smbung on9..mandi..kul9 kuar lg ngn zaqir n daniel as we planned before..
i fetched them,then go to karaoke..sing for an hour..
melalak la guk nnyi smpai ilang sore..
then g mkn,minum kt nasi lemak world(lagi2 kedai tu..)huuu
borak2 mule la kisah cdey zaqir n aku, daniel hanya mndengar jek..
kisah kami berkaitan dgn pmpuan..
hahah..cdey,tragis,hampa,kecewa n stress la guk brcerita..huu
then 12.30 g la tasik la..
smbung la cte kt c2..smpai kul 2..
then on9..n now on9 n posting blog....
itu la...
sekian terima kasih......................................................................................

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yeah!!! it's holiday time!!!
rase gembira.seronok,excited,best,riang,giler...
semua ade la..hehe
yesterday got back from KMM
so guys now im back at kluang for cuti semester for about 3weeks..(sory to my frens tat still not done the MUET and cannot get back) haha...
but for me,im done the MUET! so got back early..

Tetapi...dlm best giler aku blk bercuti, ade kisah sedihnye sebelum aku blk...
hmmm(nie yg xsuke nie citer ksah yg amat mngecewakn aku nie..)
exam aku baru tamatkn semalam..sepatutnye klo da abeh wxam org akn teriak2,lompat2 n cam ase nk senyum smpai ke telinga for me..aku ase sedih,kecewa,depress n watever la yg seangkatan dgn nye SEBAB....aku jwb exam dengan teruk sekali..
tau teruk? it's bad! damn bad! so bad....baddddd.....
aku dgn xstudy nye n xtau 1 habuk or kuman apalagi hapaknye spnjang aku blaja kt matrik tu..
lg2 subjek fizik..sebnyak 16chapter, n i managed to fully understand 3 or 4 chapter only..
see how lauzy am i?..+lazy..
ase nk menangis(da menangis pun sebelum exam tuh.hee)
1st time for the whole of my sweet life, aku menangis coz study..teramat la tnsion..
im not the only 1 felt the tension,but my frens also..
they all wanna cry(already cried i think)
ouh matrik....kenapa la kau begitu menyiksakn n susah + perit...
for math n kimia,,the hardest paper for me n for matric's strudent i think..
for fizik...hard also..but not quite hard..haha...

BUT! let us put tat side away n forget it! n juz wait for the result anxiously but enjoy it..heee..
i think im not gonna able to make to sem2..(but think +vely) insyaallah, for god will i'll make it..
my frens prays for me..

*deep in my brain,"better i find another place to futhur my studies..perhaps in art or modelling? hahahha!"
what do u think guys..haha.."good idea!"
pramugara pun ok wat?


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aku bosan dengan cinta mu
Aku rasa buang masa
Kau selalu mendustakan cintaku

Aku fikir kau tak searus
Lebih baik ku beralih
Biar kan diriku terus bersendiri

Ku tak fikir engkau setia
Walau jasad dan juga nyawa
Sebagai tanda cintamu padaku katamu

Tak mungkin ku percaya
Kata-kata yang penuh dusta
Hanya lah bibir berkata yang memilukan
Menambah bengang rasa hampa
Kerunsingan diriku terasa

Cukup berkali kau berkata
Jangan diulang lagi dusta
Jangan kau pujuk hati yang terluka

Tak mungkin akan ku kembali
Jika janji sekadar mimpi
Tak mungkin ku sama dirimu yang sering berdusta

Letih hatiku diserang pilu
Letih hatiku teringat janjimu, oooh caramu
Akan ku teruskan hidupku, oh tanpamu