Saturday, May 22, 2010


naahhh~ (say it dgn buat muke sekali) just like the title.

naahh~ why shuld i care what are people talking about me?

naahh~ why shuld i bother about others matter?

naahh~ why shuld i thinking about others?

naahh~ why shuld i care about others?

naahh~ i dun give a damn about others..

haha.. well 'naahh~' describes that i dun give bloody hell what people are talking and what am i doing.
im just give it all i have and doit as in my path and business.
i rather mind my own business than others.

yeah aku:
1) sombong
2) belagak
3) selfish
4) suke mencarut
5) bongkak
6) naahh~

im just feeling good if i can do this all attitude all the time. its like this world is mine.
and of course i dun want to share it la der..
find your own world la der. aku xmau share dengan kau pun.
sombong giler la bai.. haha.
it just sounds nice to me.


macam ape aku kisah pasal kau kan.
pasal cerita kisah kau ke luahan kau ke
aku pun xluah kn kt kau, lg la aku xkisah kan..


don't try so hard on me la
this is me! seriously
well im off