Thursday, September 24, 2009


now i want to declare that
im now is officially SINGLE!!

will never thrust girls,woman,widows or whatever they call la as long they are apposite sex!
thanx to you cause break my heart..
i appreciate it..

want to forget you..


Saturday, September 19, 2009

kuih raya..


tahun nie raye buat kuih raye nk dibuat oleh family aku hanye la 1jenis sahaja..harap maklum!
disebabkn masalah xckup tgn n mase,family aku hanya berjaya mmbuat kuih suji shje
my fevret!
tetapi ape yg mmbangga kan saye adalah jumlah bilangan kuih 'tunjuk' or kuih 'free' amat memberansangkan air liur dan nafsu mkanan aku amat menghairah kan..
sgguh byk kuih! menarik..
yg amat mnjadi kerisaun aku adlh...
confirm pasnie bdn aku mkin gemok n bulat!
nie belum raye lg yg cmpur ngn rendang nye lg.
alahai...dugaan bulan syawal yg akn tibe 1ari jek lg..
xpela..yg penting aku happy!
k la tats all i wanna write
c u all later.
eh lupe..
to my frens! i want ur kuih raye! dtg la bg kuih raye..

Friday, September 18, 2009

i realised...

i realised..

arrived at bukit jalil at 7pm for cuti raya. sarah's sister fetch us.then went to mcD for break our fasting. after that straight away sent me to KL CENtraL.
8pm arrived with a pair of my hand full of heavy bags.. found a place to sit while waiting for my brother. tired all of my body, smelly surrounded me..i've been waiting for an hour..while,i msg with syuhada. my gf. ended with a bad cnversation..hoping she shows some caring, but negatively no. later text to syamila. she replied me. have a good mood wit her. after an hour waited, go to atm to cucuk duit. then eat for 2nd round at mcD and lepak there. my sis msg me, ask me where am i . happily she cares about me.. then continue msg wit ila. wanna joy myself.. after half an hour, text to my bro , sakit ati sgt die belum siap lg...then out from mcD. waited at outside kL central. it has already 2hours i've waited 4 my bro..
out of the blue, sadly i was thinking tat, im all alone at here.. my mom didnt call me, ask me how i am? 2hours reach to 3 hoursshe not call me. . as for my gf, not at all text to me, ask how am i?wat im doing? for my frens, also the same..only ila i tells hw am i..
my family, my gf, my frens.. no one at all cares about me tat time i think..

now at 17.9.09 at kL central my eyes opened, waiting for 3hours all alone, i realised..NO ONE BESIDES ME.. NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME.. my gf..i felt tat hopeless...sad.. i realised, i must stands on my own feet fom now on.. no one will worry about me.. thnx to all of u.. i realised....