Monday, February 14, 2011

you just perfect.

as you can see my girl's picture has been replaced by zooey deschanel's pic. well i have watched 500 days of summer movie for a second time last night and all i do was grinning all the time while watching that movie. i don't know why, but i just love watching the 2 of them falling in love together. i have already watched it last year. the story line is just perfect, though the ending of the story is not what we expected but that's why, i'm most like it

but the main point is not about the movie. it's about the lead actress in that movie, zooey deschanel as summer finn. who's will never fell in love for a woman like that? her character, her looks, her smile, her eyes is so blue... zooey looks like katy perry. she is also a singer but in a band called she&him. let's not go about her true life, but in the movie. the character she plays, is a woman who's not believe in love and don't want a serious relationship between tom hensen. summer is a very loose person. she has a very good taste in music and kinda funny but looks blurry sometimes. i'm like, can't stop looking at her and when she is with tom. this movie is like the all time movie and my most favorite. for those who haven't watch it anymore, go and watch it. you will feel the same as i do. :) 

here are one of the latest song of she&him. she looks very beautiful and innocent

*now,  i'm falling in love with her. summer finn~

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